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Projects for Peace was founded by Kathryn W. Davis, an American investor, painter, philanthropist, and political activist. On her 100th birthday, Kathryn initiated the Projects for Peace by awarding $1 million to the first 100 projects. Thes projects aim to positively impact people globally. The projects employ creative and innovative avenues to focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, and building a global understanding that leads to lasting peace. The Davis family has continued this commitment and funds 100+ projects every year that contribute to global peace.

“There will always be conflict, but I’ll remind you that love, kindness, and support are also part of human nature. My challenge to you is to bring about a mindset of preparing for peace instead of preparing for war.”

– Kathryn Wasserman Davis 

ISH - Davis Projects for Peace

ISH residents, as members of International Houses World Wide, have successfully been awarded Projects for Peace since 2009. Since then ISH residents have been involved in leading over 28 projects across the globe; including projects in Poland, Uganda, India, Madagascar, USA, UK, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bolivia, Thailand, Lebanon, Rwanda, Ukraine, Sudan, Bangladesh, Japan and Romania.


A list of projects led by ISH residents, organised by year can be found HERE

Peace Projects 2023!

In 2023, three ISH residents have been awarded funds for Davis Peace Projects

Tertulias: a place to grow, share and transform your challenges into the best story

ISH resident Nickolle Mahaleth will be carrying out a project in London, England.

The aim of this project is to offer first-hand knowledge about Violence Against Women and Girls to Latin American Women, who have experienced different forms of violence, but lack the understanding to name their experiences. It will serve as a stepping stone to heal and grow, so they can be empowered by getting different tools to transform themselves and everyone around in their community- and so they, and we can rise altogether, because this is also your story. 

Zine-making in Tokyo’s book club community

         ISH resident Yoshiyuki Ishikawa will be carrying out a project in Tokyo, Japan

The project aims to bring together people of all backgrounds to not only participate in zine-making but to give them the freedom and safe space to openly share and discuss the social issues currently taking place in Japan.

Digital environment as a medium for national and international peace

Brother and sister, Alex and Diana Catana will be carrying out a project in Constanta, Romania

The project’s focus is to open a world of opportunities for the youth of Romania. By carrying out IT workshops for Romanian and ethnic minority children in Primary and Secondary school, the project aims to provide lifelong skills and a community which values diversity.

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