International Students House

The Council of Governors (known as the Board) of International Students House come from a range of backgrounds with a variety of skills to help the House to meet its mission. Several members of the board were once students living at the House ensuring that the students are always at the heart of the House. The board maintains an international mindset and an interest in Higher and Further Education.


Lord Charles Fitzroy


Rosamund Horwood‑Smart
David Laing
Michael Day
Sir John Ritblat
Baroness Diana Warwick


Jamie Hambro
John Garbutt
David Anderson-Evans
Capt Ashoke Bansal


Roy Rohatgi
Lord Amir Bhatia
Dorothy Dalton
Mary Mackie
His Honour David Owen-Jones
Richard Porter
Andrew Tennant
Soo Min Dato’ Yeoh
Gordon Stevens
MJR John Vaughan
David Lawman
Sir Graeme Davies
Lord Khalid Hameed CBE
Peter Anwyl
Nigel Carrington
Margaret Swinley
Judge Jeremy Connor

International Students Trust

Keith MacKay
Anthony Behrens
Alderman John Garbutt

Toyota-Shi Trevelyan Trust

Toshihiko Ota


Martin Chalker