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International Students House

We understand that making an international move can be daunting, however, ISH offers comfortable, safe accommodation in Marylebone Village in central London, so you can spend time making new friends and exploring everything London has to offer.

Marylebone Village, as the name suggests, is a village in the middle of a major city. Of all the many aspects of its appeal, its location is one of the most compelling: London is one of the world’s most modern, prosperous and well-connected cities, and ISH sits right at its heart.

But despite being so central, just minutes from Oxford Street and Regent Street, Marylebone sits within a refuge of relative peace. It is an attractive and welcoming neighbourhood, offering residents a quality of life unrivalled in most major cities.

There are plenty of opportunities for fresh air and exercise. Regent’s Park, with its gardens, sports facilities and wide expanses of unspoiled greenery, is just seconds away from ISH. Marylebone Village is a great place to enjoy the British capital all year long, so be sure to explore and ask on the online Residents Groups for personal recommendations.