International Students House

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

International Students House

International Students House (I.S.H) believes in a fairer future for all from the UK and around the world. We know that by working together we can achieve more. We believe that everyone has the right to live without fear or prejudice regardless of race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, social class, religion and belief.

Everyone should be able to make a full contribution to society in their own unique way and live in a world which demonstrates respect and values diversity.

Our Responsibility

International Students House (I.S.H) complies with the Equality Act 2010 (the “Act”) and understands our duties under it. As a Charity, we would treat any reports of discrimination seriously. Should such a report arise, I.S.H. will ensure it is investigated and appropriate action taken in line with our internal policies and procedures.

Our Principles

I.S.H is committed though to do more than just adhere to the Act. We strive to create an open, inclusive workplace and student experience. In addition to a programme of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training for our staff and Trustees, we have launched an EDI Group creating key values for all I.S.H staff, students and Trustees to work towards:

  • Our Community – We will value our differences and benefit from our diversity of thought, background, and experience. We will reflect the diversity of those that we work with and for.
  • Our Behaviours – Our Leaders will act as role models and champions. Individually and collectively we will uphold our shared vision and stand up to challenge behaviours that don’t reflect it.
  • Our Progress – Data will be central to our decision-making in helping us measure and drive change. We won’t stop listening and learning and will be honest and transparent about our progress.

Our EDI Vision

Our aim is to achieve a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce and ‘Home form Home’ for our students by ensuring EDI is reflected in our values and embedded in our practises and individual behaviours. We anticipate all of our third-party suppliers and partners to commit to treating their workforce with dignity and respect; in addition to complying with the Act.