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Well, folks, we’re a few more weeks into quarantine, and we’re still finding ways to adapt. At ISH we’d like to make this adjustment a little easier where we can.

Think of it as a list of recommendations of what to do put together by us all here at ISH. Times are tough for us all, and we want to create a distraction that’s more than, well, a distraction.

Some things you can expect are productivity tips, online connections, thought-provoking contents, silly contents and more.

So, what do you say? Does this sound like something you’d want to hear? If you’re nodding your head yes, bookmark the ISH website and let’s make this time about finding more ways to grow.

52 Living Ideas MeetupA daily meet up to discuss ideas among a vibrant intellectual community. Weekends at 7:30pm 

Cats Before the Internet: Animal Art in Archaeology: Take a break from watching cat videos to learn about cat art! Thu, Apr 23, 11:30pm

Playful Eye: Mindful Art Experience Around the World: Sat, Apr 25 6pm An adventurous exploration of art and self, combining elements of play, mindfulness and embodied practice, where you will be:

  • interacting with strangers in randomly-matched conversations
  • being prompted to move like a sculpture dipped in honey
  • experiencing more about yourself than you learn about art

Coronas and ChillSat, Apr 25 2am. A great way to meet new people! How it works:

  • Everybody dials in, we chat for a bit, and then break everyone into random groups of 5-6 people for 15 minutes.
  • After the 15 minutes are up, we regroup, and then do the same thing again, breaking everyone off into another set of random groups.
  • This goes on for 2 hours, and you can join in at any time before the event ends.


If you have been using Zoom a lot, here are some resources to have more fun virtually:

  • Facemoji: Don’t want to fix your hair or put on makeup for your call? Use Facemoji to replace your face with a digital avatar you design. Works on Mac.
  • Snap Camera: Bring Snapchat AR filters to your video calls and livestreams.
  • Avatarify: Have you ever wanted to pretend to be Elon Musk, Mona Lisa, or even someone you know? This will let you use any image to pretend you’re that person on a call. Works much better if you have a GPU, but I’ve had decent success with a normal Macbook Pro 2018. A little dystopian, use at your own risk.

Need a new book recommendation? Good Books. is a curated collection of book recommendations from the world’s most successful, influential and exciting people

Create your own checklist of Top 5 Things TO DO #WhenCoronaEnds and share them on socials (Please tag ISH)

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