International Students House

Residents Cleaning Guide

Keeping your living space clean and tidy is not just about maintaining a presentable environment; it’s also about being mindful of everyone sharing the space. With neighbours from diverse cultural backgrounds and cleaning habits vary, establishing a common understanding of cleanliness is essential.

This guide aims to provide practical tips and strategies for maintaining a clean living environment during your stay at International Students House. Whether you’re a seasoned cleaner or new to the task, these guidelines will help you maintain clean personal and  communal living spaces so that everyone can enjoy a clean and comfortable home away from home.

Cleaner wiping mirror

Who does what?

ISH Housekeeping staff

Clean all public shared spaces

Are able to provide toilet paper and bin bags

Provide a paid-for cleaning service and advice


Clean their own bedrooms, en-suite facilities, fridges and cooking equipment.

  • Keep your air vents open in your windows to aid air circulation.
  • Keep all food items in sealed containers.
  • Place your bin outside your room to be emptied by Housekeeping.
  • Clean as you go, in rooms and communal areas, it is a quick win to avoid tough stains and retain friendships.
  • Defrost freezer compartments.
  • Use the PVC walls and pin boards for posters.
  • Report defects straightway.
  • Launder bedclothes regularly
  • Tamper with the window restrictors for safety reasons.
  • Use blu tack or pins on painted walls.
  • Use electrical items with frayed wires.
  • Move the furniture, it is attached to the walls.
  • Use bedroom sinks to wash up food dishes; this will cause blockages
  • Throw items other than toilet paper in the toilets.
  • Have the room that everyone avoids, with overflowing smelly bins,
  • Heaps of dust gathering on surfaces and floors that cannot be seen through the clutter.