International Students House

Terms and conditions for flats

Terms and Conditions – Flats

  1. Accommodation and accounts
  2. a) A tenant must be a student engaged in full-time study or in a programme of professional work placement or internship, leading to a degree or professional qualification.  Full time students are exempt from local Council Tax but their partners may not be.
  3. b) A tenant will reside in the flat allocated to them.  They cannot make arrangements with other residents to exchange flats.  Any changes of accommodation must be arranged via the flats administration office.
  4. c) Tenants are personally responsible for the conduct of any guests and are liable for any damage they might cause.  The Dean of Student Life retains the right to require a guest to leave at any time.
  5. d) Payment for the flat is by monthly direct debit unless the Front of House Manager has given prior permission for an alternative method of payment.
  6. e) Late settlement of any account will result in an immediate surcharge of £15 for each seven-day period that the account is outstanding unless prior permission has been requested in writing and such permission has been granted by the Dean of Student Life.
  7. f) A booking fee (non-returnable) and a security deposit of one month’s rent is payable on acceptance of any offer of accommodation.  This deposit is refunded to the tenant after departure, providing that all financial commitments towards ISH have been met.  The deposit may be retained in the event of a tenant departing the flat without the required notice, or any unreported damage is found in the flat.  Should part of the deposit be levied for any reason during the year, the tenant is required to replace the charge incurred within two weeks.
  8. g) Existing tenants may apply to extend their initial one-year tenancy for up to three years while they study in London.
  9. Smoking and damages
  10. a) Smoking is not permitted in any building. It is illegal to smoke in any area of the house and inside the flats. Any resident found smoking will face disciplinary action and could be prosecuted and fined by the courts. Provision has been made for designated smoking areas outside each residence. All flats are fitted with smoke detectors and covering up or tampering with the fire alarm system can endanger the lives of all residents. Anyone found to have covered or tampered with the smoke heads, fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment may be dismissed from ISH. ISH reserves the right to fine any resident who regularly sets off any fire detection system for whatever reason.
  11. b) Tenants are responsible for the contents, fixtures and fittings of their flat.  All problems with the accommodation must be reported upon arrival.  If it is found later that there has been any damage to the contents, fixtures or fittings the tenant will be liable for any replacement, repair or cleaning costs.  This will be charged against the security deposit and will need to be paid within two weeks of being charged.
  12. c) An inventory of the contents of the flat will be provided on arrival.  This must be checked and returned to the Flats Supervisor or Warden within one week of arrival.
  13. d) Tenants shall notify any damage, breakage or repairs necessary within their flat to the Warden/Maintenance team promptly.  Tenants will be required to pay for any damage for which they are deemed responsible.
  14. e) ISH reserves the right for authorised members of staff or its nominated representatives to inspect the flats as necessary to affect repairs, undertake any maintenance and for any other reason deemed necessary.  Where possible, notice will be given for maintenance work.


  1. Cleaning
  2. a) Keeping the flat clean and in good order is the responsibility of the tenant.  The flat is to be left clean on departure.


  1. Dean of Student Life
  2. a) Tenants must sign a tenancy agreement with the Dean within seven days of arrival at International Students House.  Prior to registering all tenants must have read and agreed these terms and conditions.
  3. b) Tenants must inform the Dean of Student Life of any change of address of their next of kin or emergency contact information.
  4. Security
  5. a) A charge will be made for any lost, stolen or damaged keys.  The price of key replacements varies depending on the type of key.
  6. b) If a tenant locks themselves out of their flat more than three times in one month, and the Duty Manager has to let them in, a charge of £15 will be levied for the inconvenience.
  7. c) For safety all tenants should ensure that the door to their flats, the residents’ entrance and the main front door are closed behind them on entering or leaving the buildings.
  8. d) All ISH buildings are covered by CCTV with digital recording.  This information will be used for investigating any activity which may jeopardise the safety and security of the House or the tenants.


  1. Notice and departure
  2. a) Tenants shall give three months’ notice of departure in writing.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of the security deposit.
  3. b) On departure from ISH, tenants must quit their flat on the agreed day by 10 am and return all keys.
  4. c) Tenants with contracts for electricity and gas supply must close their accounts and provide proof of final payment to the flats administration office before their security deposit is returned. (This applies to all flats except York Terrace East).


  1. General Behaviour
  2. a) Where ISH Internet access is used (e.g. York Terrace East and Blain House only) it is subject to the ISH Fair Use policy. Excessive usage may result in your service being restricted or cancelled.
  3. b) All tenants of ISH are fully encouraged to participate in the social life of the House.
  4. c) International Students House staff and residents are entitled to work in a safe environment without the fear of verbal abuse or physical attack.  ISH will not hesitate to prosecute any guest or visitor who threatens our staff or customers.
  5. d) All tenants must refrain from any behaviour on the premises likely to bring ISH into disrepute or cause any discomfort to other residents or members of staff.
  6. e) Any tenant who is engaged in inappropriate behaviour or who is in violation of ISH rules and regulations will face disciplinary action from the Dean of Student Life or her designee.  This may include financial penalties, loss of privileges or dismissal from ISH.  A copy of the rules and procedures are in the Student Handbook, available from the Dean of Student Life or Accommodation Office.
  7. f) The Duty Manager, Warden or other nominated employee shall have the right of entry to any flat at all times to ensure compliance by residents to house rules.  This would only occur if they believed there are reasonable grounds that house rules were not being complied with.


  1. Communications and data protection
    International Students House collects, holds and processes personal data relating to its students in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. It is essential for it to do so in order to manage its operation effectively. If you do not want your data to be held in this way please contact the flats Supervisor on