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The Cats Cafés in the UK

Do you ever find yourself missing the furry friend that you had to leave behind when you came to study in London? The inexplicable joy that comes from petting a purring ball of fur is all you need on a cold and gloomy day and it’s the best stress relieving activity during exam season. Well,we have good news!!! You can always visit one of the many cat cafes in London for a cup of tea in a room full of cats playing all around you. Cat cafes were invented 10 years ago in Japan but they recently became very popular in the United Kingdom and cater for all who just want a purfect getaway. If you are really lucky, you might get some attention from these famous cats that get hundreds of visitors. While you can pet and play with them, just don’t disturb them in their sleep or while they’re grooming and as tempting as it is, don’t try and pick them up.
We went to the Lady Dinah’s cat Emporium in Bethnal Green/Shoreditch, but you can also try out Shakespaw Cat Cafe in Stratford, that draws its name from its proximity to Shakespeare’s Birthplace.
If you’re not in London, you can always find the cat cafe nearest to you:
Kitty Cafe in Nottingham
Mog on the Tyne in Newcastle
CatPawCino on the Quayside, Newcastle
Maison de Moggy in Edinburgh
Cat Cafe in Manchester
You and Meow in Bristol
Book your visit in advance and enjoy!

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