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Latest Covid rules: How will the “rule of six” have an impact on students?

The new coronavirus rules that were announced last week, say that social gatherings of over six people are now illegal and you could be heavily fined for breaking this law. 

So how will these controls impact students at university?

Moving to a new place

Before moving to a different UK town or city for uni, it is recommended that a student checks to see if that area has any extra restrictions that will need to be adhered to.

This could mean moving from an area of low-risk to an area of higher risk, perhaps in a “local lockdown”, which could mean that additional measures might be in place.

Creating a new “bubble”

Taken directly from – the government’s website – it clearly lays out that once students have moved into their accommodation a new household is formed – like to a family home – which “will be a key part of how you will be able to socialise”.

It’s good to know, however, that students are allowed to meet other friends at their university if they “socialise safely” and remember to follow the two-metre distance guide.

Going out

An exciting and important part of university life is socialising and going out with new friends. Government guidance at the moment encourages students to “Go out, socialise and enjoy student life”. It does also stress the importance of “being responsible” in doing this. 

The rules for uni are the same as for those enjoying a night out across the country – a maximum of six people, be it in a beer garden, bar, restaurant or cinema. The six people can be from different households, but more than this does break the law. It’s good to know, however, if a house of more than six goes out together, that is allowed as it is covered within the exemption list.

It must also be noted that bars will now be closing at 10pm, under the current guidelines.

Some extra info

The government reports that students should also observe the rules their individual university provides, for example on wearing face coverings in classes or other teaching scenarios.

On it states: “In other university settings you should wear a face covering where it’s difficult to maintain a two metre distance, such as in corridors and communal areas and in social groups such as student clubs and societies”.

Additionally, it is recommended to avoid car sharing, and using public transport at peak times, and walk or cycle when possible and safe to do so.

“These basics will help protect you, university life and local residents, especially those that are more vulnerable,” adds.


This article contains information that is correct at the time of writing. For up-to-date information on the current guidelines, please visit

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