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Shared accommodation – Twin Ensuite Room vs. Quad Room

With the rising cost of living, sharing accommodation with other students may be the best option for you. Among the choices available at International Students House are twin ensuite rooms and quad rooms. Each option offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Let’s compare the pros and cons of twin ensuite rooms and quad rooms to help you make an informed decision:

Twin Ensuite Room:


Privacy with Shared Comfort: Twin ensuite rooms provide a good balance between privacy and shared living. With a private bathroom exclusively for you and a roommate, you have the convenience of personal space while knowing that you’ll always have company.

Convenient Facilities: These rooms come furnished with essential facilities, including single beds with understorage, wardrobes, desks, chairs, and lamps. The inclusion of a fridge, shelf units, and high-speed WIFI further enhances convenience and comfort.

Cost-Effective Sharing: Sharing a twin ensuite room can be a cost-effective housing solution. At ISH you would pay £193.20 per week per person. This means you can live comfortably in a fantastic location at almost half the price of a single occupancy room.

Community Living: Living with a roommate promotes a sense of community and companionship. Whether it’s cooking together in the shared kitchen or studying side by side at the desks provided, you will have the opportunity to form lasting bonds with your roommate.

Twin Ensuite
Choosing a twin ensuite means you are never alone during your university experience.


Limited Personal Space: Despite the privacy provided by the ensuite bathroom, twin ensuite rooms still entail sharing living quarters with another person. This can sometimes lead to a feeling of limited personal space, especially in compact rooms.

Potential for Conflict: Sharing living space inevitably comes with the potential for conflicts and disagreements. Differences in cleanliness habits, noise preferences, or schedules can sometimes strain the relationship between roommates.

Quad Room:


Cost Efficiency: Quad rooms offer a more affordable option for accommodation, as the cost is typically divided among four people. At ISH you would have to pay from £110.95 per week. This can be particularly beneficial for students or budget-conscious individuals looking to save on living expenses.

Community Dynamics: With more roommates, quad rooms foster a vibrant and social living environment. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, form friendships, and engage in group activities within the shared space.

Shared Responsibilities: In a quad room, tasks such as cleaning, grocery shopping, and household chores can be divided among multiple occupants. This shared responsibility can lighten the workload for individuals and promote a sense of teamwork and cooperation.

Quad room
There are many positives and negatives to having a quad room but if you wouldn’t like to share with that many people I would say to choose a different option.


Limited Privacy: Quad rooms typically involve sharing living space with three other people, which can result in limited privacy. While individual beds may offer some degree of personal space, you may still feel crowded, especially in common areas.

Potential for Noise and Disruptions: With multiple people sharing the same space, quad rooms can be open to noise and disruptions. Differences in schedules, study habits, or social activities among roommates may lead to disturbances and affect the overall living experience. For example, if you do have assignments due working at your desk in your room would not be the smartest choice.

Space Limitations: Quad rooms are often smaller in size compared to twin ensuite rooms, resulting in limited space for personal belongings and activities. This can be challenging for individuals who value a lot of living space or prefer a quieter environment.

Which room will you choose?

Overall, both twin ensuite rooms and quad rooms offer unique advantages and drawbacks, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Twin ensuite rooms provide a balance between privacy and shared living, with convenient facilities and cost-effective sharing. On the other hand, quad rooms offer a more affordable option with a vibrant community atmosphere but may entail compromises in privacy and space. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on individual priorities, budget considerations, and preferences for social interaction and privacy.

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