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Online COVID-Safe Games To Play With Friends.

While the country is back in lockdown and we are practicing social distancing, regular communication with friends and family is vital.

One of the most important reasons for video catch ups with your loved ones is to keep them in the loop regarding how you’re doing and vice versa.

However, using platforms such as ZoomHouseparty and FaceTime can also help you let off some steam and take your mind off the goings-on of the world. Here are some of our favourite free online games for you to share with family and friends during these weird times. If you’re lucky enough to be an ISH Resident our super Events Department have some online game chaos coming your way very soon : )


Taboo (2+) Everyone visits the same site, no connecting. Just generates new words.

Out of Context (2+). Features various “Build the Story” type games (read the rules for each one). Share game code, no sign up involved.

F ishbowl / The Hat Game (4+) Share game code. No sign up involved.

Scatagories (2-34)

Just One (3-7) Share room name. No sign up.

Scrabble (2-4) Sign up, send game invites. 

Bananagrams (2-8) Create a room and share the link, sign ups to have a name.

Boggle (2+) Sign up for a name. Refresh and join the game. Easy-to-join ongoing public games are at


Pictionary (2-12) Create room,
share a link, no sign up involved. Similar include (2-64) and (2-20). Sketchful and Skribbl can have custom words, Drawsaurus has other slightly unique settings.

Telestrations  (4+) Simplest and best, just share game code. You can adjust timer, can’t draw in colour. Simple, share room code. No timer, people’s “books” visibly backlog. (6, 12, 15) Sign up first. Create private games and share a link. Can only have 10 min or 90 sec turns, can’t have simultaneous goes.



Wavelength (2+) Share a link, no sign up involved.

Decrypto (3-8) No connecting, only gives new codes.

Liar’s Dice (2-8)
Just share link. Features video chat. has up to 10 players.

Codenames (4+) is the official site. Share link, no sign up involved. No cheating possible.

Hanabi Hanabi.Live. (2-5) Sign up and join game from lobby. Simply laid out.

Dixit Isolant.Games/en/. (3-16) Register and sign up, then share room code.

Skull (3-6) Just enter the room, no sign up involved.


Protobowl Create a room and share the link. “Buzz in” and type answers to the questions being read. Players need to sign up. Share link to join a private game room. Type in written answers. 

Kahoot Host signs up on and streams screen, others connect with their devices to Can create your own quizzes. 

Jeopardy Labs Host needs to stream screen, and other players watch and play along. Don’t have to sign up. 

QuizWitz Host signs up and streams screen; players simply connect with their devices to Need to pay $44 to play with more than 6. Can create your own quizzes. 

There are countless other multiplayer trivia sites and mobile apps, including QuizUp, Trivia Crack and




OTHER GAMES Sign up or easily join as nameless guest from the lobby. 6 games: Azul (2-4), Blokus (2-4), Splendor (2-4) Go (2), 7 Wonders: Duel (2), Century: Spice Road (2-5) 

Monopoly (2-4) Share game ID or game name. No sign up involved. (need to sign up) and (don’t have to sign up) are both more complex with joining up but have traditional aesthetics.

Uno (2-10) Share link don’t have to sign up. Most sites don’t allow playing with friends. Can also use Uno app.

Go (2) Sign up, join game via lobby. Site has many features. For simpler, see or

Tak (2) At least sign up as a guest. “Join game” to vs friends.

Dominoes (2-4) Just share a link, don’t have to sign up. Features Draw, Block, All 5s, All 3s.

Stratego (2) Simple site, share link, no sign up involved. has more features, but requires sign up.

Dominion (2-6) Sign up and join “table”. Pay for expansions.

Set (1+) Just share a link, no sign up involved.

Diplomacy (2-7) Sign up, create a game and share a link to join.

Chess or (2) Share link, don’t have to sign up. – Has more features, sign up needed first, also on mobile.

Risk (2+). Need to sign up. Can customize maps and rules. and are among similar sites, though none of these are as simple as playing on Steam/mobile or (2-6). There are variations of Risk called “Dice Wars”. At (2-8) you don’t have to sign up, at (2-7) you do.

Catan (3-4) Create a game and share a link. Catan Universe on Steam and mobile is free but more glitchy.

Quiplash (3-12)  Quiplash from Jackbox. It’s free and can have more players than Quiplash. Share room code.

Agricola (1-5) Join the same game room, don’t have to sign up.

Monopoly (2-5) Sign up and join game from lobby. (2+) is a COVID-19 themed version, share game code, no sign up involved.

Advanced Civilization (2-8) Sign up, then add friends and create a game.

Air Console Website with many different games and video games. Players join with their phone as a controller, going on the app or the site This site functions best with everyone in the same room, but if you can withstand the lag then the host can stream the screen and others can join and play.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Fun co-op game that involves one person describing a bomb and others instructing how to defuse. Platforms include Steam, mobile, and consoles. Only the host with the bomb buys the game (ranges $12-$22 depending on platform). Other players just need the bomb manual found at Anyone playing remotely can’t have turns with the bomb unless they also buy/install the game.

Jackbox Collections of different party games. The host pays for it (ranges $12-$30 per pack, different per pack). Platforms include Steam and consoles. Someone with the game streams. Other players don’t need to sign up or buy anything, instead they simply watch and join game with their devices to

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