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5 Pros to having a roommate

Many international students get nervous at the thought of sharing a room with a stranger. After all, there are bound to be differences in language, values and interests. They may have a different taste in music or may not understand your passion for painting. But on the whole, there are plenty of upsides to having a roommate and it’s an important aspect of the university experience. Knowing someone will be there for you whenever and wherever is one of the best feelings, especially when it’s someone other than your immediate family.

Cultural and knowledge exchange

So, you’ve decided to move into student accommodation to get the wholesome university experience. As you’re preparing to leave home, consider that university involves a lot of learning outside the classroom. It’s the memories and experiences you’ll come to value the most. And what makes them more meaningful – the people involved. How does having a roommate fit into all of that? Sure, roommates can be a major pain in the brain, but they can also challenge each other to step outside of comfort zones and try new things. Roommates can also make awesome study buddies, motivators, tutors, and even lifesavers when they let you use their laptop when yours breaks 20 minutes before your paper is due. imagine having someone to help to keep you focused and ensure you’ve had some sort of meal at least once a day.

Widens your social network

If you and your roommate are enrolled in different programmes at different universities, this could be your link to a wider social group. You will have access to a variety of activities and experience through them. Also, your circle of acquaintances and friends just potentially doubled because if you get along, chances are you’ll get along with their friends, too.

Split accommodation costs

One of the biggest perks to having a roommate is dividing paying less rent as compared to staying in a single room. If you are ready to move out on your own, but you are on a tight budget, then having a roommate makes sense. However, you have to make sure that you move in with someone who is financially responsible and that you have important conversations about shared costs right at the beginning.


Living by yourself can be quite lonely. If you have a roommate, then you have someone that you can talk to you when you get lonely. You also have someone you can do activities with. Having that constant companionship can be really helpful to your mental health. Also, there are a number of ways that having a roommate can make your life more convenient. For example, if you are going out of town, then you will have someone there who can take care of your space and water your plants. You can also share utensils, stationery and food, which can save you both some money.

Learn how to live with someone else

Living with another student from a different background, culture or race can be a key factor in how many interracial friendships white students develop in college. You will pick up interpersonal and soft skills such as conflict resolution, cleanliness, and maybe a different language in the process. Having a roommate can also help you learn how to live with someone who isn’t related to you, which can be a challenge. You will both have to communicate preferences, make compromises and create healthy boundaries while sharing a living space. This may prepare you for living with a romantic partner in the future.

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