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Finding your study groove: The best music to boost productivity

If you’re like me, studying can sometimes be daunting. Luckily, a simple solution can make hitting the books a lot more enjoyable: music!

But not just any music—finding the right tunes to accompany your study sessions can make all the difference. I love listening to music while revising but I know that some people may enjoy working in silence and that’s okay! If you want to listen to music whilst studying, you have come to the right place. Let’s discover the best type of music to listen to while studying.

Classical Music

Let’s start with a timeless favourite: classical music. With its soothing melodies and lack of lyrics, classical music is a popular choice for students looking to focus and concentrate. Pieces by composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin are known for their ability to enhance cognitive function and promote a calm, productive study environment. A 2020 US study claimed that students who listen to classical music during lectures, studying or while they sleep will perform better in exams. So next time you have an exam coming up, listen to classical music and see if you perform better.

A woman playing her instrument
This option of music is most common with students as there are no words to get distracted with.

Instrumental Music

If you’re not a fan of classical music but still want to enjoy the benefits of instrumental sounds, there are plenty of other options to explore. By eliminating the distractions of lyrics, instrumental tracks allow you to focus entirely on the task at hand. Whether it’s the soothing melodies of classical compositions, jazz music or electronic music you can tailor your playlist according to your mood.

Pop Music

While classical music and ambient sounds are often the go-to choices for studying, we often forget about pop music to enhance our study sessions. Pop music, with its catchy melodies and rhythmic beats, can provide an energetic mood that keeps you motivated and engaged. However, it’s important to choose pop songs with minimal lyrics or choose instrumental versions to prevent distraction. By incorporating pop music into your study playlist, you can infuse your study sessions with a dose of fun. Making these challenging tasks a little more enjoyable to tackle.

Two women singing
Even though there would be lyrics with this option, the fast-paced beat helps keep motivation for students to tackle their tasks.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

In recent years, lo-fi hip-hop has emerged as a favourite study soundtrack for many students. This is one of my personal favourites. Characterised by its laid-back beats, mellow melodies, and nostalgic samples, lo-fi hip-hop provides the perfect background music for long study sessions. Platforms like YouTube and Spotify offer endless lo-fi playlists curated specifically for studying, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Nature Sounds

Sometimes, the best music for studying isn’t music at all. Nature sounds, such as rain falling, waves crashing, or birds chirping, can create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to concentration and relaxation. Apps such as headspace are dedicated to ambient sounds allowing you to customise your study soundtrack with your favourite natural noises. Nature sounds can even be used to help you fall asleep after a long day of revision and studying.

A bird standing on a tree branch.
This option is my personal favourite as nature sounds are very relaxing. You can try different sounds and see what works best for you. Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

Ultimately, the best type of music to listen to while studying is whatever helps you stay focused, motivated, and in the zone. Experiment with different genres, artists, and playlists to find what works best for you. Remember, studying doesn’t have to be a chore — let the power of music elevate your study sessions to new heights!

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