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What type of university student are you?

When you head off to university, you’ll meet a whole range of interesting characters, some of which you’ll be more familiar with than others. But that’s the great thing about University, the coming together of such varied lifestyles and personalities and forming lifelong relationships with these people! We’re not here to push the stereotypes but if you can identify with one of these characters, you’re one step closer to understanding which type of university student you ( and others around you) are.

The Joker

Humor is the joker’s signature strength. Commonly called the ‘class clown’, this student takes on the role of the class disruptor with jokes and wisecracks. Jokers also see themselves as leaders, confident and vocal in expressing ideas and opinions in front of their peers. But it’s not just for the LOLs. Humor has been identified as a strength of character and a way of addressing taboo topics and relaxing strained situations. Masking the truth in a fun manner, the joker can trespass otherwise forbidden territory and be a mediator between the tutor and the classmates.

The Narcoleptic

There’s always that one student who will fall asleep any place and any time. No matter how uncomfortable the seats are or how fascinating you think a class is, this student will hit dreamland right in front of the professor, in the front row. This student never has the video on during Zoom classes – yep, definitely sleeping.

The Travel Queen

Every conversation with this student will revolve around how they spent months year interrailing around Europe, swinging off cliffs in Bali, or teaching rich white kids how to ski in Verbier. Even though we’re in a pandemic and borders to most countries are still closed, they still relive their extravagant adventures abroad with timeless tales of situations where you just had to be there. And they know which countries are on the green, amber, and red lists off by heart!

The Enthusiast

Student board? They’ve signed up! Zumba class? Yes. Organizing rallies and fairs? They’re on it. Whatever activity your university has to offer, chances are, this student will be there. And they are always in the classroom at least 15 minutes before anyone else. This person gets so excited about the littlest things – selling curly fries in the cafeteria? “YES! What a time to be alive!” Unplanned pop quiz? “I was born ready!”

The Excuse Expert

This student always has an excuse. Even if they are clearly in the wrong and super late, there’s some explanation for it all.

“Oh man, so sorry I haven’t done the assignment. My laptop crashed and the document I was working on hadn’t automatically saved.”

“Sorry, I’m late! My earrings are really heavy and they slowed me down on my walk in.”

And the personal favorite: “I’ve been here the entire time. You just haven’t noticed me.” Genius!

The Overthinker

This student is constantly overcome with worry. Hyperventilating over an impending paper (even though there’s already a third and fourth draft ready for submission) or the verge of a nervous breakdown because they got an 89% instead of a 90%. Yes, they can be pretty over the top, but try to give them some slack – they are just overachievers.

The Human Encyclopedia

Ah, lastly we have the resident walking Encyclopedia. You will find this student right at the front of the class, with their head practically in the teacher’s lap, and are actually quite hard to recognize when one hand isn’t raised in the air begging for attention. In conversation, this person has facts and figures to buttress any argument and there’s nothing new you could tell them.

This article is all about having a laugh, don’t take these characters too seriously, and start labeling your classmates. Have a lovely day.

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