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5 types of friends at university

  1. The Freshers Week Friend

You probably met during orientation at one of the many welcome events at your university or residence. It was great having a friendly face to help each other settle in the first few weeks since the move to London was a new experience for both of you. This friendship usually wanes off after some time as you realise you have different interests and make different friends. Or it might be forever at first meet, s/he could turn into the sibling you always wished for. Either way, everyone needs this friendship to get through the transition into a new residence, new university and new city. Even if you do grow apart, you are still able to exchange warm smiles and keep fond memories of those first weeks.

Three people sitting on the stairs at their university campus
This friend doesn’t usually last long, however you guys will stay together throughout the first week of university until you find your group of friends.
Photo by Lokesh Masania on Unsplash

2. The Study Buddy

You’ll meet this friend in the department common room or the library more than once. A friendly chat during a study break and a few classes together, you find yourself engaging in mutually beneficial conversations over this theory or the other. The study buddy challenges you to stay on top of your reading lists and provides that healthy competition that motivates you to do well. This friendship thrives on helping each other succeed and can develop into a lifelong friendship as you explore other mutual interests out of the university walls.

4 men working on their laptops in the library looking at they rlaptops
When you meet this person in the library you guys have a goo catch up and do work together, which keeps both motivates to keep on top of your studies. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

3. The Classmate

You see this friend a couple of times a week, s/he even goes out their way to save you a seat when there’s a full class. There’s always some small talk about the pressure of writing that 5 000 – word paper or an upcoming exam. You enjoy this friend’s company in the university setting and even after several attempts of meeting up or hanging out in a different setting, it never really happens. This friendship one convenience and thrives on proximity — the minute you leave the lecture room each of you returns into your world only to meet at the next class. Social media heart emojis and thumbs up become the only way to keep up with each other’s lives after you graduate.

A group of girls graduating wearing all white and with their graduate hat. Their teacher is also in the middle of the group wearing blue.
This person will always be there when you need help with your coursework or assignments. You both help achieve to achieve the best grades in your class.
Photo by Josh Balerite Acol on Unsplash

4. The Party Friend

Always up for a good time, the party friend knows where to get the cheapest drinks on a Tuesday night. After bumping into this friend a couple of times in the student bar, you exchanged numbers and now s/he is that familiar face that lights up and announces your arrival to the rest of the party group at every party. You’ve even grown to have one of those ‘So, where are we heading to after class?” type of friends. This friendship is coloured with a lot of cheering, toasting, bathroom runs, hugs and that one random blackout (that you still can’t remember). Even though you don’t have time to go out every Friday, having a party friend is good for those nights when you just need to blow off some steam.

A group of people partying at the club in the dark with colourful lights on the ceiling and the stage area.
This person will always be up for having a good time and will never turn down a great night out.
Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

5. The Friend for Life

This is your person. On meeting this friend it feels like the universe conspired for your atoms to meet at this point in your life. You feel like you’ve known each other all your lives and you find it so easy to talk about anything and everything. S/he just gets you — no judgement. You have so much in common and your differences seem to complement each other. This friendship tends to grow beyond university and lasts a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to find this friendship, treasure it.

Three friends sitting on the sand whilst looking at the view of a bridge.
If you have the pleasure of meeting friends like this in university you are one of the lucky ones as true friends are had to come by.
Photo by Mineragua Sparkling Water on Unsplash


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