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5 Important skills for students

Hello there!” As an international Master’s student, studying in the UK, I have realised that there are some skills that you need to inherit as students in terms of upscaling your career and giving it a good kick start. Today, I’m going to discuss the top 5 skills for any student to have. These competencies are crucial for success in today’s cutthroat workplace, it just increases your chances to get a job or even a summer internship. As an intern myself I have developed some of these skills and I’m still developing some of them to grow in my workplace. So read on to discover more about the 5 talents you need to succeed, whether you’re just starting out in your job or you’re ready to make a change.

Critical thinking and problem-solving

Critical thinking is very important in any profession, this is a skill of analysing the situation rationally and understanding the logical connection between different ideas. This skill helps you approach a situation in a very systematic way and gives you clarity to build an argument. problem solving is a skill that can be applied in team work, you can tackle problems and achieve all the deadlines. Critical thinking is like having your own personal GPS to help you navigate a maze. It prevents you from becoming lost in the Bermuda Triangle of bewilderment. You know those debates that make your head hurt? Well, critical thinking allows you to develop your own argument like a building – strong and solid.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Relevant digital skills

Today digital skills are important in this fast-paced world where everything is going digital and countries are adapting new ways to communicate with people and especially market products. Skills like data analytics, social media marketing, SEO and SEM. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about being a game changer. Digital skills are more than just tools; they are your golden passport to success in a world where everyone communicates through hashtags and emoticons. So, whether you’re a tech nerd or just starting out in the digital world, these talents are your ticket to conquering the digital game.

Soft skills

When we think about soft skills we usually only think about communication, but it has various aspects to it like participating in a discussion, thinking critically and demonstrating leadership. Soft skills will help you be fully out there and confidently present yourself, which usually impresses people and this is what companies are looking for. Contributing ideas, listening to others as though you’re looking for hidden treasure, and being the hero who binds everything together. It’s like you’re in charge of a discussion orchestra. So, the next time you consider soft talents, keep in mind that they are more than just chit-chatting. It’s all about being the star of your own show, wowing others with your incredible communication, critical thinking, and leadership abilities.

Negotiating/Soft Skills
Soft Skills


Negotiation! It’s like having a superpower that allows you to obtain the best bargains, acquire what you want, and be the office hero. Consider a meeting in which everyone is throwing ideas about like a beach ball. Negotiation skills empower you to jump in and make your case like a boss. You’re not just nodding along; you’re speaking up and shifting the tide in your favour. And the art of compromise, oh the art of compromise! It’s like striking a balance among what you want and what the other person wants. You’re not simply sticking to your guns; you’re also seeking common ground and establishing win-win circumstances. It’s like doing a small dance where both parties win.

Emotional intelligence

Most of the people consider IQ to be the highest and usually forget about Emotional intelligence. Now-a-days companies look for candidates who are emotionally intelligent for the company’s growth, where you’re tested on how constructive feedback you give rather than giving personal criticism or how you handle a certain situation. So, here’s the bottom line: IQ may be the main attraction, but EQ is the true MVP. It’s like getting a front-row seat to acing social occasions and becoming the go-to person for emotional support. So the next time someone boasts about their IQ, give them some EQ advice. Because emotional intelligence is the secret level in this real-life game that elevates you from “just smart” to “smart and awesome.”


Remember, it’s not only about what’s on paper; it’s about developing the talents that will turn you into a well-rounded, workplace rockstar. As a student it is important to have skills to stand out from other 100 candidates and bag that opportunity, so go out there, embrace these skills, and rule the professional world like the amazing powerhouse you are!


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